New Barn

Holiday and Recovery Livery



 If lack of time to treat a veterinary problem is your concern, for example, walking for 10 minutes 5 times a day, our convalescent livery may be able to help.


Our yard has 24 hour CCTV coverage .

 Emergency Livery           

Stable flooded? Horse homeless?  Need to know your horse will be safe, secure and well looked after for as long as you need?

 Holiday Livery

Going on holiday, but worried about your equines while you are away? Leave your horse with us when you go on holiday.

Whether it's an overnight stay, a long weekend or a week or more, we can offer your horse a home from home for the duration of your holiday, allowing you to enjoy it with peace of mind.

 We cater for individual needs and provide individual turn out paddocks. The resident 'nanny' will provide companionship should your horse be on its own.

 For a horse that cannot be out in the field, we provide a turn out barn where the horse can have restricted exercise under supervision.

Contact us on 01565 632784 for information on all or any of the above services available at New Barn.