New Barn

RDA Group


 Riders of all ages are members of our group, all ride on a regular basis either on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday morning.

Congratulations to all  our riders who had qualified for the National Championships at Hartpury last week. All came home with rosettes - 1 first,2 seconds, 2 thirds and a 7th


  About Mid Cheshire RDA

 The Mid Cheshire Riding for the Disabled Group(registered Charity *1074130) is based here at New Barn and continues to expand. Nearly all the people involved with the group work as volunteers. They come from all walks of life and are all sorts of ages, from teenagers to the retired, and all are welcome and appreciated.

We have nine instructors, and teach from starters to competition level with our various ponies.

Volunteering at the RDA

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please  


 Go to for more info about our local RDA group